Table 1

Characteristics of IDU in Tallinn, 2007 associated with HIV positive status

HIV+/total%HIV+OR95% CIp Value
HIV serostatus193/35055.1NA
Age (years)
 24 or less72/13553.31
 25+121/21556.30.670.41 to 1.10.1
 Female36/5664.31.600.87 to 2.840.1
Main source of income in past 4 weeks
 Full/part-time work83/18744.41
 Other110/16367.52.601.68 to 4.020.000
 Russian, other Russian speaking169/29756.91.600.89 to 2.870.1
Injecting drug use characteristics
Age at beginning to inject (years)
 17 or less105/16364.42.391.35 to 4.320.001
Frequency of injection (past 4 weeks)
 Less than daily62/13645.61
 Daily131/21062.41.981.28 to 3.070.020
Main drug injected in past 4 weeks
 Opioids (fentanyl)161/24864.95.092.98 to 8.690.000
Shared needles or syringes during past 6 months
 Yes85/12468.62.361.49 to 3.740.000
Sexual risk behaviours
No of sexual partners in past 12 months
 2+8/15953.50.880.58 to 1.350.563
Environmental factors
Ever been in prison?
 Yes118/20457.81.300.85 to 2.00.200
Ever received drug treatment?
 Yes85/13662.51.641.06 to 2.540.028
Ever attended needle exchange?
 Yes162/26960.22.751.62 to 4.670.000
  • IDU, injection drug user.