Table 3

Socially marketed condom sales volumes and outlet distribution in the project area, by 12-month period (November 2003 to October 2008)

PeriodTotal no of active outletsPercentage active non-traditional outletsAnnual total newly established condom outletsTotal condom sales (units, in thousands)Percentage sales through traditional outlets
Nov 2003–Oct 20042794651.4%11668434382.1%
Nov 2004–Oct 20056354252.3%166701739273.4%
Nov 2005–Oct 20068663448.0%218242443975.9%
Nov 2006–Oct 20077805249.1%131882801175.0%
Nov 2007–Oct 20087006842.3%21342810876.7%
  • Statewise sales volumes and outlet distribution data are provided as a supplementary table (available online only).