Table 1

HIV testing history, HIV prevalence and undiagnosed infection among gay men in Scotland: 2005 and 2008 (N=2572)

Year of surveyp Value
2005 (N=1344)2008 (N=1228)
HIV testing history
 Never tested51839.230225.4<0.001
 Ever tested80560.888774.6
Recent HIV testing*
 Never tested or test >1 year ago82666.061551.7<0.001
 HIV test in past year42534.057448.3
HIV prevalence (oral fluid specimen result)
 HIV negative128495.5117195.40.8
 HIV positive604.4574.6
Awareness of HIV-positive status (N=117)
 Diagnosed HIV positive3558.34273.70.08
 Undiagnosed HIV positive2541.71526.3
  • * Recent HIV testing: for the 2005 survey, recent testers includes men reporting testing in the year of or immediately before the survey, that is 2005 or 2004; for the 2008 survey, recent testers includes men who indicated that their last test was ‘in the past 6 months’ or ‘between 6 months and 1 year ago’.