Table 3

Overview of consistent seropositioning and consistent withdrawal by UAI practices* among gay men in the Gay Community Periodic Surveys, 2007–9 (n=16 375)

UAI practicesHIV-negative men (n=14 785, 90.3%)HIV-positive men with an undetectable viral load (n=1109, 6.8%)HIV-positive men with a detectable viral load (n=481, 2.9%)
n%95% CIn%95% CIn%95% CI
UAI with consistent seropositioning
UAIR and no UAIC
 Seroconcordant UAIR4953.43.1 to 3.6151.40.7 to 2.020.4
 Serononconcordant UAIR3002.01.8 to 2.370.60.2 to 1.120.4
 Serodiscordant UAIR360.20.2 to 0.3201.81.0 to 2.691.90.7 to 3.1
 Subtotal8315.65.2 to 6.0423.82.6 to 4.9132.71.2 to 4.2
UAIC, with or without UAIR
 UAIC with consistent HIV status disclosure1861.31.1 to 1.4191.70.9 to 2.5122.51.1 to 3.9
 UAIC with some HIV status disclosure2721.81.6 to 2.1282.51.6 to 3.4142.91.4 to 4.4
 UAIC without HIV status disclosure3462.32.1 to 2.6181.70.9 to 2.471.50.4 to 2.5
 Subtotal8045.45.1 to 5.8655.94.5 to 7.2336.94.6 to 9.1
Total (of each group)163511.010.6 to 11.61079.77.9 to 11.4469.66.9 to 12.2
UAI with consistent withdrawal and no ejaculation inside
UAIR and no UAIC
 Seroconcordant UAIR4423.02.7 to 3.3151.30.7 to 2.030.6
 Serononconcordant UAIR3072.11.8 to 2.3121.10.5 to 1.720.4
 Serodiscordant UAIR220.10.1 to 0.2141.30.6 to 1.951.10.1 to 1.9
 Subtotal7715.24.8 to 5.6413.72.6 to 4.8102.10.8 to 3.4
UAIC, with or without UAIR
 UAIC with consistent HIV status disclosure2021.41.2 to 1.6232.01.2 to 2.971.50.4 to 2.5
 UAIC with some HIV status disclosure3392.32.1 to 2.5413.72.6 to 4.8275.63.5 to 7.7
 UAIC without HIV disclosure3952.72.4 to 2.9232.11.3 to 2.9112.30.9 to 3.6
 Subtotal9366.35.9 to 6.7877.86.3 to 9.4459.46.7 to 12.0
Total (of each group)170711.511.0 to 12.112811.59.7 to 13.44611.58.6 to 14.3
  • * The six UAI practices are mutually exclusive but consistent seropositioning and consistent withdrawal are not mutually exclusive.

  • For HIV-negative men, this means insertive-only UAI and for HIV-positive men, this means receptive-only UAI.

  • n<5 and it is too small to estimate 95% CI.

  • CI, with a binomial distribution; UAI, unprotected anal intercourse; UAIC, unprotected anal intercourse with any casual partners; UAIR, unprotected anal intercourse with one's regular partner.