Abstract O5-S2.04 Table 1

Sexually transmitted infections provider knowledge, beliefs and attitudes in Gauteng, South Africa, 2008–2009

N=611AgreeDisagreeDo Not Know
 Some STIs cannot be cured with medication48.129445.72796.238
 Genital herpes often recurs93.15693.8233.119
 Genital Herpes often causes urethral discharge in men25.715787.437712.677
 Genital herpes is curable42.22584.832453.029
 Genital Herpes sores can be treated with medication(s)84.951910.0615.131
 Untreated STIs can develop into AIDS33.920760.63705.634
 Many patients with STIs already have HIV or AIDS42.425952.23195.433
 I think one of my most important responsibilities is to strongly recommend HIV testing to each of my STI patients93.65725.1311.38
 I think traditional herbal medicine is able to cure some STIs16.29981.04952.817
 I think traditional herbal medicine is able to cure HIV/AIDS1.5979.748718.8115
 In the long run, some HIV medication(s) can be more dangerous than having AIDS31.119065.13983.823
 Under certain circumstances, it is OK to test patients for HIV without telling them26.015971.84392.113