Table 1

Unit costs*

ItemCost per useSource
Podophyllotoxin cream£14.8621
Podophyllotoxin solution£12.3822
Cryotherapy£4.27Clinic costing
Trichloroacetic acid£0.32Clinic costing
EMLA cream£1.7322
Hyfrecation£5.63Clinic costing
Curettage£4.66Clinic costing
Diode laser£143.50Clinic costing
CO2 laser£125.49Clinic costing
STI screen£52.1223
  • * Costs per use include equipment, consumables and pharmaceuticals plus tax (17.5%) when applicable. A detailed breakdown of the items included for each cost is provided in the supplementary technical appendix (available online only).

  • Includes testing for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV.

  • CO2, carbon dioxide; EMLA, eutectic mixture of local anaesthetic; STI, sexually transmitted infection.