Table 1

Health service costs of the APT Hotline strategy

Resources usedCost itemUnit cost, £*nTotal cost, £
Intervention (mobile phone and credit)Per partnerClinic A:£1.2818£22.95
Clinic B:£0.4947£22.95
A & B:£0.7165£45.90
Consultation†† (non-eligible partners)Per partnerClinic A:£11.561£11.56
Clinic B:£8.5713£111.41
A & B:£8.8314£123.62
Consultation†† (eligible partners)Per partnerClinic A:£11.5617£196.52
Clinic B:£12.8534£436.90
A & B:£12.3751£630.87
Admin work (nurse)Per partnerClinic A:£6.7418£121.32
Clinic B:£5.5047£258.50
A & B:£5.6765£368.55
Admin work (receptionist)Per partnerClinic A:£1.590§£0
Clinic B:£1.2922£28.38
A & B:£1.3322£29.26
APT pack (chlamydia/NGU)Per partnerClinic A:£29.4814£412.72
Clinic B:£29.4828£825.44
A & B:£29.4842£1238.16
APT pack (gonorrhoea)Per partnerClinic A:£24.312£48.62
Clinic B:£24.313£72.93
A & B:£24.315£121.55
Hotline expenditure costClinic A:£813.69* (£654.21–£973.17)**
Clinic B:£1756.51* (£1412.23–£2100.79)**
A & B:£2557.91* (£2056.56–£3059.26)**
Average cost per partner treatedA & B:47£54.42*
  • * Costs were inflated to £UK at 2008 rates. Costs for Clinics A & B combined are based on national averages. Appropriate multipliers were applied to reflect differences in costs in London (for Clinic A) and outside London (for Clinic B).

  • Applied to eligible and non-eligible partners.

  • Cost for the first year of the telephone device, annuitised for 3 years at an interest rate of 3%. We have also included £10 for mobile credit.

  • § All packs were given to the index patient after his/her consultation. None of the eligible partners collected the pack from clinic's reception.

  • 22 out of 34 eligible partners collected the APT pack from reception. The rest were given to the index patient after his/her consultation.

  • ** 95% CI—we assumed normality and used z (1.96) score in calculating the CI.

  • †† Consultation refers to the time spent on the phone talking to the partner to ascertain eligibility or not. Eligible partners would be encouraged to collect the APT pack. Non-eligible partners would be excluded from study but their consultation cost is included because the hotline is required to establish eligibility.