Table 2

Studies of genital wart (GW) incidence

StudyCountry, yearInterval for defining recurrence (months)Age and sexEpisode typeAnnual incidence/100 000 population (95% CI)*
PresentEngland, 2008–20092 (base case)AllNew157
Sensitivity analyses3AllRecurrent116
Cassell et al19UK, 1998–2000Not reportedAllAll307.6 (305.5 to 309.8) males
236.2 (234.2 to 238.4) females
Other studies of GW incidence
 Castellsagué et al20Spain, 2005Not reported14–64 yearsNew117.86
 Hillemanns et al21Germany, 2005Not reported14–65-year-old femalesNew114 (109 to 119)
Recurrent35 (32 to 37)
 Lukasiewicz et al22France, 2000Not reportedAllAll107
 Pirotta et al23Australia, 2000–2006Not reportedAllAll219 (188 to 249)
 Marra et al24Canada, 200612>15 yearsAll126
 Hoy et al25USA, 200412AllAll120
 Insigna et al26USA, 200012AllAll165 (males)
167 (females)
  • * 95% CI are not presented for studies that did not report them.

  • 95% CIs calculated for the rates are not reported because they were too narrow to be a meaningful representation of uncertainty.

  • Adapted from reported figures per 1000 population or person-years. Methods suggest denominator equivalent to population.