Table 2

Multiple-site infections (DNA probe (PACE 2) positive) in male and female patients tested at multiple sample sites

Sample siteFemale, tested (n)*All sites positive (n)%Male, tested (n)All sites positive (n)%
Cervix/vagina + urethra754357.3
Cervix/vagina + rectum291965.5
Cervix/vagina + pharynx13975.0
Cervix/vagina + rectum + pharynx3126.5
Cervix/vagina + urethra + rectum11100
Urethra/urine + rectum39512.8
Urethra/urine + pharynx4112.4
Rectum + pharynx3825.3
Urethra/urine + rectum + pharynx3912.6
  • This table shows combinations of sample sites. Some patients were tested at more sites than the two mentioned, but the third site was then always negative; eg, female cervix/vagina + rectum, n=32 tested, but 31 were also pharynx tested and one urethra.

  • * All but one female patient (tested urine only) were tested on the cervical/vaginal sample site.

  • All but one male patient (tested at pharyngeal site only) were tested at the urethral site/urine.