Table 1

Baseline characteristics of patients included in the study

Phase 1, N (%)Phase 2, N (%)p Value
Positive rectal NAAT106159
Treated as per protocol89 (84)78 (49)<0.0001
 Male46 (51.7)48 (61.5)
 Female43 (48.3)30 (38.5)
Symptomatic1 (1.1)4 (5.1)0.1860
 Male1* (2.2)4 (8.3)
 Female0 (0)0 (0)
L venereum isolated010.4671
C trachomatis positive at another site26221.0000
Known HIV positive331.0000
Concomitant STI17170.7032
 Hepatitis B10
 Herpes simplex virus21
 Anogenital warts46
  • * One male patient presented with rectal symptoms and had concurrent rectal gonorrhoea.

  • Of the four men who reported rectal symptoms, one had confirmed L venereum and two had concurrent rectal gonorrhoea.

  • Women were statistically more likely than men to have C trachomatis isolated from a concurrent site (p<0.0001).

  • NAAT, nucleic acid amplification test, STI, sexually transmitted infection.