Table 3

Regional estimates of duration of risk behaviour for IDU by the method of calculation

RegionDuration of risk behaviour
First method of calculation: based on time from beginning of drug injection until cessationSecond method of calculation: based on percentage of IDU who started drug injection in the last yearThird method of calculation: based on the median/mean time spent in drug injection up to the moment of the study*
AfricaNA5.6 (1)5.6 (1)
AsiaNA8.7 (6)8.8–13.6 (17)
Oceania17.0 (1)†5.2 (1)16.0–18.2 (13)
North America9.5 (1)†4.7 (5)8.8–14.0 (33)
Europe13.9 (1)†8.9 (4)17.2 (32)
South AmericaNANA19.6–21.0 (9)
  • The number of datasets used for each calculation are given in parenthesis.

  • *Considering the median equals mean (primarily the median and in its absence the mean).

  • †Best estimate for the population.

  • NA, not available.