Table 2

Characteristics of the nine LGV-positive patients

Patient no.Specimen typeGenotype (ompA PCR)Genotype (ompA sequencing)Clinical featuresOther STIs
1Rectal swabL2L2bProctitisHIV, gonorrhoea (rectal and pharyngeal), syphilis and HCV
2Rectal swabL2L2bRectal ulcers* HIV, gonorrhoea (rectal and pharyngeal) and syphilis
3Rectal swabL2 & JNAUrethral painHIV
4Rectal swabL2L2bNo symptomsHIV
5Rectal swabL2L2bNo symptomsHIV and syphilis
6Rectal swabL2L2ProctitisHIV
7Rectal swabL2L2Lymphadenopathy
8Rectal swabL2L2bProctitisHIV and gonorrhoea (rectal)
9Rectal and pharyngeal swabL2L2bProctitisHIV and syphilis
  • * Possibly related to concomitant syphilis.

  • HCV, hepatitis C virus; LGV, lymphogranuloma venereum; NA, not available; STI, sexually transmitted infection.