Table 1

Sample characteristics (n=693)

STI testing and experience
 Ever had STI test
  Never had STI test12618.2
  Had STI test56781.8
 Recency of STI test
  In the previous 6 months25937.4
  Between 6 and 12 months ago11516.6
  Over 12 months ago19327.8
  Never had an STI test12618.2
  Not had STI in previous 12 month59486.8
  Had STI in previous 12 months9013.2
  <25 years19528.3
  25+ years49371.7
 Frequency of gay scene use
  Once a month or less15622.7
  2–3 times a month21130.7
  Once or more a week32146.7
  Employed or self-employed55079.6
  Unemployed, student, retired14120.4
 Area of residence
  Rest of Scotland14120.3
 HIV status
  HIV tested and HIV-positive213.3
  HIV tested and HIV-negative47775.4
  Never been tested13521.3
Sexual behaviour in the previous 12 months
 Number of sexual partners
  0 or 1 partner19929.8
  2–5 partners24737.0
  6–10 partners9213.8
  11+ partners12919.3
 Any high-risk UAI
Contact with sexual health promotion in the previous 12 months
 Obtained free condoms from a bar/club sauna or the internet
 Picked up a sexual health leaflet in a bar/club/sauna, or looked for safer sex/sexual health information on the internet
 Talked to an outreach worker in a bar/club or sauna or participated in one-to-one or group counselling sessions on sexual health or HIV prevention
Sexual health and condom use knowledge
 Sexual health knowledge
  Less than maximum score19729.0
  Maximum score48271.0
Condom use knowledge7.747.02
 Barebacking norm2.540.89
 Attitudes and norms towards contemporary condom use (ANCCU)3.820.77
 Safer sex norms3.750.81
  • ANCCU, attitude and norm of contemporary condom use scale; STI, sexually transmitted infection; UAI, unprotected anal intercourse.