Table 3

Volume, sperm count and motility in the four groups of clinic volunteers

255075p Value
 Asymptomatic NSU271.42.03.2
 Symptomatic NSU192.13.03.7
 Symptomatic non-NSU72.22.43.4
Sperm count
 Asymptomatic NSU273377143
 Symptomatic NSU1970153267
 Symptomatic non-NSU7144198361
 Asymptomatic NSU27647281
 Symptomatic NSU19556782
 Symptomatic non-NSU7798183
Sperm concentration
 Asymptomatic NSU27133760
 Symptomatic NSU192047121
 Symptomatic non-NSU75183114
Percentage of abnormal forms
 Asymptomatic NSU27878889
 Symptomatic NSU19878990
 Symptomatic non-NSU7868787
Percentage of non-progressors
 Asymptomatic NSU27122027
 Symptomatic NSU19101621
 Symptomatic non-NSU771627
  • Volume in millilitres, total sperm count in millions, motility as percentage and sperm concentration as number per millilitre.

  • NSU, non-specific urethritis; N, number of patients; K–W, Kruskall–Wallis test, used for top four parameters; χ2, used for bottom two parameters.