Table 1

Risk population size as a percentage of the total number of adult males or females (aged 15–49), expressed as a range for those countries that have conducted MOT within each region

Southern AfricaEast AfricaWest AfricaMiddle East and North AfricaAsia*Latin America and Caribbean
Injecting drug use
Female sex workers0.4–2.00.5–2.30.6–1.00.38–0.750.37–0.40.7–3.1
Sex worker clients3.0–13.22.9–4.02.9–176.7–7.55–5.64.1–15.8
Men having sex with men0.1–4.00.1–1.00.1–0.80.5–2.31.53–32.0–6.0
Multiple heterosexual relations
Stable relationships
  • *Based on data from Myanmar and Philippines.

  • †Based on data from Nicaragua.

  • MOT, modes of transmission.