Abstract P3.177 Table 1

Table to show sexual behaviour & new diagnoses of STI/blood borne viruses (BBV)

No. sexual contacts < 3monthsNo. patients (%)Reported sexual behaviourNo. patients (%)STI/BBVNo. of new diagnoses (%)
02(3.4%)MSM UPAI < 1wk14(31.8%)CT5/59(8.5%)
114(23.7%)MSM UPAI < 1m20(45.4%)GC3/59(5.1%)
2–521(35.6%)MSM UPAI < 3m30(68.1%)HPV1/59(1.7%)
6–108(13.6%)Group sex/sex parties/anon. sex15(25.4%)Scabies1/59(1.7%)
> 503(5.1%)Fisting1(1.7%)Hep B1/28*(3.6%)
Unknown/”too many to count”4(6.8%)*denominator is number accepting the test
Median = 3