Table 1

Model parameters and baseline values

ParameterSymbolBaseline valueSource
Probability of developing de novo resistance on therapyrA, rB0.000001Assumption
Natural recovery rate (1/year)v8.67Best estimate*
High riskIntermediate riskLow risk
Population sizeNi230823 077974 615
Proportion of population0.00230.0230.97
Total annual partnershipsci9.271.620.056Equation (6)
Proportion of sexual partnerships
 High riskp3i0.9310.06690.002
 Intermediate riskp2i0.49260.49260.0148
 Low riskp1i0.330.330.33
Baseline daily rate of treatment using drug A and/or BtAi, tBi, tABi
Single-drug treatmenttAi0.0030.0030.003
  • * Based on descriptions in available medical literature on duration of NG infections lasting from weeks to months when untreated.11 30