Table 1

HIV testing strategies and personnel responsibilities in 24 Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) as described in DHS survey reports, 2001–2009, with HIV testing participation rates for adult men and women.

HIV testing strategy and personnelPr. HH*No. of teamsNo. of interviewers†No. of testers‡% Participating§
(1) Consent on individual questionnaire; interviewers conducted HIV testingCote d'Ivoire20051/1102F, 2M7679
Malawi20041/3224–5F, 1M(2–3)6370
Tanzania2003–20041/1114F, 1M7784
Tanzania2007–20081/1144F, 1M8090
Zimbabwe2005–20061/1143–4F, 2–3M6376
(2) Consent on household questionnaire; interviewers conducted HIV testingLesotho20041/2123F, 1M6881
Liberia20071/1192F, 2M8188
Sierra Leone20081/2242F, 1M8790
Zambia20071/1123F, 3M7277
(3) Consent on household questionnaire; subset of interviewers conducted HIV testingCameroon20041/2143F, 1M(≥2)9092
Ethiopia20051/2304F, 2M(2)7683
Niger20061/2203F, 1M(1)8491
Senegal20051/3153F, 1M(2)7584
Swaziland2006–20071/1103–4F, 1–2 M(2–3)7887
Rwanda20051/2153F, 1M(2)9697
(4) Consent on household questionnaire; health worker or technician conducted HIV testingBurkina Faso20031/3123F, 1M18692
Democratic Republic of Congo20071/22341–318690
Guinea20051/2104F, 1M18892
Kenya20031/2174F, 1M17076
Kenya¶2008–20091/2234F, 2M27986
Zambia20011/3123–4F, 1M27379
  • *Proportion of sampled households that were eligible for HIV testing and the men's individual questionnaire.

  • †Number of female and male interviewers per team. Team interviewer gender composition was not described in the reports for the Democratic Republic of Congo 2007, Mali 2006 and Ghana 2003 surveys.

  • ‡Number of individuals who conducted HIV testing per team. Numbers in parenthesis indicate the number of interviewers on a team who also conducted HIV testing. The symbol ‘–’ indicates that all interviewers conducted HIV testing.

  • §Percent participating in survey HIV testing.

  • ¶Kenya 2008–2009 also had two voluntary counselling and testing counsellors on each team.

  • F, female; M, male; Pr. HH, Proportion of sampled households.