Abstract P160 Table 1

Diagnoses of patients with complex GU problems

Women (n=36)Vulval pain-12Vulvodynia-5, dermatitis-2, lichen sclerosis-1, atrophic vulvitis-1, BV-1, psychological-1, endometriosis-1
Recurrent thrush-11Recurrent thrush-9, C.glabrata-1, lichen planus-1
Recurrent HSV-5Recurrent HSV-4, apthous ulceration-
Vulval itching-4Lichen simplex-1, eczema-1, NAD-2
Lichen planus-1Lichen sclerosis-1
Genital ulceration-1Recurrent HSV-1
Recurrent BV-1Recurrent BV-1
Vaginal discharge-1Referred for TVUSS-1
Men (n=29)Genital dermatoses-19Zoons balanitis-8, lichenoid reaction-2, infective balanitis-2, eczema-2, seborrheic dermatitis-1, lichen planus-1, lichen sclerosis
Persistent HPV-3Persistent HPV-3
Recurrent NSU-2Chronic prostatitis-1; recurrent NSU-1
AIN-1Sebaceous cyst-1
Folliculitis-1Recurrent HSV-1
Recurrent HSV-1Recurrent HSV-1