Table 2

Characteristics of the situation and partner during the last sexual episode when a condom broke (among those who had a break in the last 1 month) and when it did not break (among all participants)

Episodes of condom use unweighted, N=390
% (weighted)
Circumstances around specific event
 Place of sex
  Home or friends' home67.0
  Rented room, lodge, brothel24.5
  Public place/other8.5
  Spouse or non-paying client8.3
  Paying client91.7
 Type of sex
  Anal or both1.7
 Use of alcohol before or during sex
 Sex was:
  Rough, forceful33.0
  Accompanied by threats5.1
  Lasted longer than usual34.3
  Was furtive22.9
 Erection was overly hard50.7
 Man was uncircumcised78.6
 Man sexually experienced92.5
 Man experienced with condoms89.0
 Who provided condom
  Free government condom62.6
  Client or purchased37.2
 Number of condoms used
 Who put condom on the man
  Onto penis84.8
  Unrolled first12.8
 Size of condom
  Not wide enough6.1
  Too short4.2
  Too wide3.3
  Too long2.5
 Date expired
  Don't know14.9
 Used a lubricant0