Table 1

Demographic, behavioural characteristics and HIV testing experience of participants and those who refused to participate in a supervised blood-based self-sample collection and rapid test performance study

Participants (N=208)Refused to participate (N=59)p Value
Place of testing0.234
 A street of the city of Madrid13464.43355.9
 Complutense University7435.62644.1
 Total (% missing data)208 (0.0)59 (0.0)
Age group (years)0.307
 Total (% missing data)198 (4.8)59 (0.0)
Place of birth0.876
 Latin America3316.11016.9
 Total (% missing data)205 (1.4)59 (0.0)
Level of education0.252
 Less than university8742.43050.8
 Total (% missing data)205 (1.4)59 (0.0)
Marital status0.872
 Total (% missing data)204 (1.9)58 (1.7)
Place of residence (last 12 months)0.461
 City of Madrid14471.63968.4
 Another municipality of the community2210.9814.0
 Another autonomous community199.5814.0
 Another country168.023.5
 Total (% missing data)201 (3.4)57 (3.4)
Source of income0.142
 Paid work15677.64578.9
 Scholarship, pension or unemployed benefits178.511.8
 Family or spouse/partner2411.91119.3
 Prostitution, illegal activities or other42.000.0
 Total (% missing data)201 (3.4)57 (3.4)
Sexual behaviour0.757
 Men who have sex with men7737.62440.7
 Heterosexual men4421.51423.7
 Total (% missing data)205 (1.4)59 (0.0)
Previous HIV test
 Had a previous test8443.12644.80.813
 Total (% missing data)195 (6.2)58 (1.7)
Reason for having the test in this programme0.793
 I knew about this programme8848.92750.9
 Passed by and saw it9251.12649.1
 Total (% missing data)180 (13.5)53 (10.2)