Table 1

Prevalence estimates of unprotected anal intercourse by study features and sample characteristics among HIV-positive MSM.

No. of studiesnPrevalence estimate and 95% CI
Prevalence estimate (%)Lower 95% CIUpper 95% CIP Value
UAI mode
 Insertive UAI231246.541.052.0<0.05
 Receptive UAI332548.343.053.8
Sampling method
 RDS or snowball sampling689363.250.575.1<0.05
 Convenience sampling918775.964.485.7
Recruitment setting
 MSM venues or internet817476.063.286.8<0.05
Data collection method
 Interviewer administered898974.864.883.7
Data collection period
 2005–2007 737783.973.692.1<0.05
 2008–2009 10117170.660.080.1
Sample size
  • UAI, unprotected anal intercourse; RDS, respondent-driven sampling.