Table 3

Sexual behaviours and condom use among primary-partnered men and women who do not report outside partners and those who do

Primary partner only (n=2236)Primary and outside partners (n=1750)OR95% CIPrimary partner only (n=1324)Primary and outside partners (n=464)OR95% CI
Unprotected vaginal
 intercourse5.76.37.912.71.04**1.03 to**1.05 to 1.07
% Condom use
 Vaginal sex40.945.356.135.02.40**2.05 to 2.8146.945.049.932.71.060.81 to 1.39
Unprotected anal
 intercourse0.**1.06 to**1.07 to 1.22
% Condom use
 Anal sex60.346.666.239.21.390.87 to 2.2052.246.539.641.10.520.25 to 1.10
Total % condom
 Use41.645.356.534.72.37**2.03 to 2.7746.944.949.832.71.180.92 to 1.52
Condom use with primary partner
 <Half the time502754403296
 >Half the time198919811144115311
 Always66731411241.08**1.03 to 1.134453493201.22**1.13 to 1.33
Condom use with outside partners
 <Half the timeN/A513N/A194
 >Half the timeN/A21113N/A6014
  • Note: n's vary due to missing data; means and SDs for continuous sexual and condom use behaviours across partners in the past 30 days; ; ** p<0.01; N/A=not applicable