Table 2

Diagnoses by non-examining clinician based on self-obtained vaginal swabs (SOVS)* compared with examining clinician based on speculum examination (SE)

Vaginal infectionsTrue positive diagnosesPer cent agreement† (±95% CI)Bias p valueκ (± 95% CI)Interpretation of κ‡p Value
Bacterial vaginosis
 Examining clinician105
 Non-examining clinician6168.5±6.5<0.0010.39±0.06Poor<0.001
Trichomonas vaginalis
 Examining clinician35
 Non-examining clinician2390.9±±0.07Good<0.001
Vulvovaginal candidiasis
 Examining clinician27
 Non-examining clinician1491.9±3.8<0.010.59±0.09Good<0.001
  • *Non-examining clinician used information from SOVS and patient history to make a diagnosis.

  • †Per cent agreement includes true positives and true negatives.

  • ‡All κ values were significantly different than 0.