Table 2

Health service costs of the APT Pharmacy strategy

Resources usedCost itemUnit cost, £*nTotal cost, £
Consultation (eligible partners)Per partnerClinic A:£22.0013£286.00
Clinic B:£17.922£35.84
A & B:£18.4815£277.20
Admin work (nurse)Per partnerClinic A:£6.7413£87.62
Clinic B:£5.502£11.00
A & B:£5.6715£85.05
APT pack (chlamydia/NGU)Per partnerClinic A:£29.4812£353.76
Clinic B:£29.482£58.96
A & B:£29.4814£412.72
APT pack (gonorrhoea)Per partnerClinic A:£24.311£24.31
Clinic B:£24.310£0
A & B:£24.311£24.31
Pharmacy expenditure costClinic A:£751.69* (£604.36–£899.02)
Clinic B:£105.80* (£85.06–£126.54)
A & B:£799.28* (£642.62–£955.94)
Average cost per partner treatedA & B:15£53.29*
  • * Costs were inflated to £UK at 2008 rates. Costs for Clinics A & B combined are based on national averages. Appropriate multipliers were applied to reflect differences in costs in London (for Clinic A) and outside London (for Clinic B).

  • 95% CI—we assumed normality and used z (1.96) score in calculating the CI.