Table 4

Univariate analysis of determinants of condom breakage in the last 1 month: situational/partner variables

Episodes of condom use (N=390) (unweighted)Last break episode (in last 1 month) (N=99)Univariate p value (Pearson χ2 test)
Total % events where condom broke25.2%
Circumstances of specific event
  Spouse or non-paying client (Ref)3010.00.038
  Paying client36026.5
 Man's use of alcohol before or during sex
  No (Ref)26921.90.028
 Roughness of sex
  Not rough (Ref)26112.9<0.001
  Rough, forceful12750.3
 How long sex lasted
  No longer than usual (Ref)26019.2<0.001
  Longer than usual13036.6
  Not overly hard (Ref)18619.20.008
  Overly hard20130.8
 Furtive sex
  No (Ref)30621.10.001
 Size of condom
  About right (Ref)33020.4<0.001
  Too small3846.9
  Too big2053.3
  • Some variables do not add up to 390 as there are a few ‘Don't know’ responses.