Table 3

Univariate analysis of determinants of condom breakage in the last 1 month: individual variables (n=291)

VariableAll women (N=291) (unweighted)Women who had an accidental break last month (N=99)Univariate p value (Pearson χ2 test)
Total % women with break33.6
General profile
 Age (years)
  18–24 (Ref)6746.20.014
  No (Ref)12040.60.031
 Usual place of entertainment
  Public place (Ref)1431.60.018
  Own home/friend's home17427.2
  Lodge/rented room/brothel10343.4
Sexual history
 Age at sexual debut (years)
  12–15 (Ref)11640.80.040
 Age at first paid sex (years)
  12–20 (Ref)8849.0<0.001
Risk behaviours
 Alcohol use in last month
  Never or less than once a week (Ref)22227.8<0.001
  At least once per week6952.4
 Forced into sex in last year
  No (Ref)23727.3<0.001
 Ever been arrested?
  No (Ref)26631.30.006