Table 1

Parameter values for the pair model describing chlamydia transmission

ParameterBaseline valueRanges used in uncertainty analysis
Behavioural parameters
 Proportion of people in a partnership, %7050–90
 Number of new partners, per year1.51–3
 Frequency of unprotected sex acts, per week1 *
Infection parameters
 Chlamydia prevalence, %31–5
 Transmission probability, per sex act0.1 0–1
 Duration of infection, months1217 6–18
 Duration of immunity after natural clearance, months315 17 1 day to 18 months
Intervention parameters
 Treatment failure, %81 0–15
 Probability of notifying the current partner00–0.5
 Women testing rate, per year0.1 0.3
 Duration of repeated testing interval, months37
 Repeated testing uptake, %0 50
  • * Not explicitly changed in uncertainty analyses but indirectly by changing the transmission probability per sex act to obtain the desired prevalence. This can also be seen as keeping the transmission probability constant but changing the frequency of sex acts from 1.5 times a day to once a month to obtain the prevalence.

  • Calibrated to the prevalence.

  • Parameter only used in the estimation of the population-level impact (figure 3).