Table 1

Socio-demographic, behavioural, knowledge level, program exposure, sex work, and condom breakage characteristics of participants

VariableUnweighted, N=291% (weighted)95% CI
 Place of recruitment
  Brothel3.93.0 to 4.8
  Public place56.248.6 to 63.8
  Home40.032.1 to 47.7
 Age (years)
  18–2422.516.4 to 28.5
  25–2930.024.7 to 35.2
  30–3421.116.2 to 25.9
  ≥3526.420.2 to 32.7
 Literacy rate57.651.8 to 63.4
 Marital status
  Married/cohabiting55.147.3 to 62.9
  Divorced widowed/separated38.631.3 to 46.0
  Not married6.32.8 to 9.7
 Have no other source of income44.538.1 to 51.0
 Currently in debt69.963.8 to 75.9
 Age at sexual debut (years)
  12–1538.633.0 to 44.2
  16–2053.247.3 to 59.0
  >208.24.6 to 11.9
  Mean16.9 years16.5 to 17.3
Sex work
 Age started sex work (years)
  12–2031.324.1 to 38.4
  21–2526.421.1 to 31.9
  26–3028.021.9 to 34.0
  >3014.310.2 to 18.4
  Mean24.8 years24.0 to 25.6
 Ever practiced sex work in another town9.56.1 to 12.9
 Main means of solicitation
  Public place28.020.1 to 35.9
  Phone56.348.7 to 63.9
  Other15.711.7 to 19.7
 Main place to entertain clients
  Own home/friend's home56.848.1 to 65.6
  Lodge/rented room37.028.0 to 45.9
  Brothel1.50.0 to 3.8
  Public place4.72.0 to 7.3
 Client load
  Mean clients per day2.92.7 to 3.1
  Mean days per week of sex work3.73.5 to 3.9
  Mean clients per week10.59.5 to 11.5
Risk behaviours
 Never drink alcohol64.156.8 to 71.4
 Drink at least once a week23.717.5 to 29.9
 Drink, but less than once a week12.27.5 to 16.9
 Use a condom every time with new clients81.575.2 to 87.8
 Use a condom every time with repeat clients78.372.8 to 83.8
 Use a condom every time with non-paying partners26.720.9 to 32.4
 Used a condom at last sex with client97.094.9 to 99.0
 Time in last month when wanted to use a condom but did/could not39.333.1 to 45.5
 Ever asked for anal sex70.364.1 to 76.5
 Ever had anal sex18.113 to 23.3
 Been forced to have sex in last year18.813.9 to 23.6
 Ever been arrested8.65.0 to 12.2
Knowledge and programme exposure
 Heard of sexually transmitted infections82.377.1 to 87.4
 Heard of HIV98.797.4 to 99.9
 Answered affirmatively that it is possible to tell if a person has HIV by looking at him/her26.019.7 to 32.3
 Knew about the CBO98.797.2 to 100.0
 Registered with the CBO90.988.0 to 96.1
 Ever seen a condom demo92.088.2 to 95.9
 Seen demo in last 3 months76.970.4 to 83.5
 Ever visited a drop-in centre65.257.3 to 73.3
Condom breakage and slippage history
 Ever experienced a breakage60.953.5 to 68.2
 Condom broke at last use12.16.2 to 18.0
  Frequency at least once a week10.66.5 to 14.7
  Frequency at least once a month16.411.6 to 21.1
 Experienced accidental break in the last month, of which:33.626.0 to 41.2
  One break24.716.8 to 32.6
  Two breaks38.228.5 to 48.0
  More than twice37.126.5 to 47.6
  • CBO, Community Based Organisation.