Table 4

Barriers and promoting factors for seeking HIV testing, men who have sex with men, Beijing, China, 2009 (n=495)

Barriers and promoting factorsMissing*HIV status
Untested HIV positive (n=31)Untested HIV negative (n=161)Tested HIV negative (n=303)
Per cent endorsingPer cent endorsingPer cent endorsing
Barriers: In your opinion, what prevents gay men from having an HIV test?
 Fear of knowing HIV positive77.482.083.2
 Unsure where to go for test174.277.665.2
 Fear of discrimination if HIV positive74.275.272.6
 Fear of being seen by friends at testing site67.766.567.3
 Unwilling to go to designated HIV testing sites164.578.378.5
 Do not perceive risk for HIV164.572.166.2
 People perceiving they have AIDS if know tested61.360.959.1
 Fear health personnel would not keep result private61.360.355.5
 Perceive they cannot afford treatment if HIV positive161.351.649.0
 Anxiety waiting for results151.646.046.4
 Don't have time148.437.348.3
 No use because there is no cure for HIV48.435.438.3
 Fear of needles122.641.037.4
Promoting factors: In your opinion, what would encourage more gay men to test?
 Ensure confidentiality10099.4100
 Provide anonymity10096.397.4
 Provide free or low-cost testing10097.5100
 Increase people's HIV/AIDS knowledge10097.599.0
 If test were promoted as standard healthcare, routine110095.795.7
 If advised by doctor or nurse96.898.898.4
 Availability of medicine to treat AIDS96.891.991.8
 A more sympathetic attitude from health staff93.696.397.4
 If many other people test90.395.093.4
 No discrimination against AIDS in the community90.392.693.1
 Knowing someone who has AIDS or died of AIDS190.388.291.4
 If it were a legal requirement180.770.869.5
  • * Missing data were from the same person; data are complete where no value indicated.