Table 2

Range in HIV prevalence (%) among adults by risk population, based on those countries that have conducted MOT in each region

Southern AfricaEast AfricaWest AfricaMiddle East and North AfricaAsia*Latin America and Caribbean
Injecting drug use12–5430–49.51.7–62–150.6–371.9–13.0
Female sex workers48–6830–4718.3–382–50.1–180.9–4.8
Sex worker clients19–458.5–21.52.4–13.40.5–0.50.014–5.30.8–2.2
Men having sex with men16.8–4028–4310–252–2.81.2–6.75.2–9.8
Multiple heterosexual relations15.5–389.6–12.41.2–6.20.06–0.220.01–0.80.27–0.9
Stable relationships12–333.9–5.00.5–4.50.04–0.080–0.50.25–0.8
  • *Based on data from Myanmar and Philippines.

  • †Based on data from Nicaragua.

  • MOT, modes of transmission.