Table 1

Composition of each focus group

Focus group numberParticipantsVenueMean age (range) in yearsnGender
1Heterosexual females (≤24 years)Young Persons Centre18 (16–23)6Female
2Heterosexual males (≤24 years)Young Persons Centre21 (19–24)7Male
3Heterosexual females (>24 years)Women's Centre32 (25–45+)7Female
4Heterosexual males (>24 years)Medical Education venue36 (25–59)7Male
5WSW (≤24 years)Allsorts LGBT Youth Group21 (16–24)7Female
6MSM (≤24 years)Allsorts LGBT Youth Group22 (19–24)8Male
7WSW (>24 years)Terrence Higgins Trust36 (29–42)4Female
8MSM (>24 years)Terrence Higgins Trust37 (26–51)7Male
9Overseas studentsTerrence Higgins Trust23 (16–28)5Male (3)
Female (2)
10Individuals infected with HIVTerrence Higgins Trust51 (37–65)7Male (6)
Female (1)
Total 30 (16–65)6527 Female
38 Male
  • MSM, men who have sex with men; WSW, women who have sex with women.