Table 4

Generalised estimation equation (GEE) estimates for the effect of condom use on incident infections with Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and Trichomoniasis

Predictor variablePoint estimate95% CI p Value
Model 1: Effects of consistent condom use only
 Consistent condom use0.750.42 to 1.320.32
 Male gender0.810.44 to 1.500.50
 Less than 20 years of age†2.000.99 to 4.030.05
 20–24 years of age†1.110.57 to 2.170.76
 Past sexually transmitted infections2.961.58 to 5.560.0001
Model 2: Effects of consistent and correct condom use
 Consistent and correct condom use0.410.19 to 0.900.026
 Male gender0.830.45 to 1.530.55
 Less than 20 years of age†2.051.01 to 4.140.047
 20–24 years of age†1.120.57 to 2.170.75
 Past sexually transmitted infections2.981.61 to 5.520.0005
  • †The reference group consists of persons 25 years of age or older.