Table 1

The results of MSM size in tangible venues

95% CI
Tangible venues mi*h†Σimir2MSM size Σimi/(r1× r2)‡LowerLower
Bathroom 1 (N1)179 9516390.27607045897551
Bathroom 2 (N2) 94 60 4400.22200011222878
Bathroom 3 (N3)126 8210580.22480934176201
Music bar (N4)167 91 9110.26350423864622
Total (NTangible)5663284048163831151421252
  • *mi: the number of individuals in the survey week who visited the venues, i weeks before the survey week, i= 1,2,3…K weeks.

  • †h: the maximum number of one-day visitors.

  • ‡r1: sampling ratio among tangible venues, r1= 1.00; r2: sampling ratio among respondents.

  • MSM, men who have sex with men.