Table 1

Sociodemographic and behavioural characteristics of participants in a street-based rapid HIV testing programme in Spain (2008–2011)

MSM (N=2559)MSW (N=2326)Women (N=2667)Total (N=7552)
 Under 2563525.350522.691936.0205928.2
 25–29 years59823.958426.270927.7189125.9
 30 years or older127350.8114451.292836.3334545.9
Country of origin
 Western Europe, North America and other developed countries1626.51235.41545.94396.0
 Latin America53621.645520.156221.6155321.1
 Other developing countries502.01587.0983.83064.2
With university education138054.691039.9133250.6362248.6
Employment as main source of income209584.6185686.2201178.6596283.0
Self-reported sexual orientation
 Not in questionnaire*1057
Relationship with gay culture
 Member of a gay CBO17811.1
 Frequents gay scene, not member of a gay CBO102363.9
 Not related to gay scene40025.0
 Not in questionnaire*684
Ever injected drugs672.71024.6491.92183.0
Unprotected sex with casual partners†,58522.980934.8103939.0
Number of heterosexual partners†
 5 or more54626.241917.1
Number of homosexual partners†
 10 or more76831.6
Self-reported STI
 Never diagnosed with a STI92345.9118865.9138366.3349459.2
 Diagnosed within the last 12 months24012.0683.81668.04748.0
 Not in questionnaire*5495245811654
Internet as main source of meeting partners†36224.1
 Not in questionnaire*1057
History of HIV testing
 Never tested61924.2130456.1159459.8351746.6
 Tested less than a year ago83132.529712.82519.4137918.3
 Tested between 1 and 3 years ago60423.629812.835113.2125316.6
 Tested between 3 and 5 years ago1174.6974.21395.23534.7
 Tested over 5 years ago1415.51265.41505.64175.5
  • *For some time, this question was not available in all questionnaires. Percentages calculated on respondents.

  • †In the last 12 months.

  • ‡Anal intercourse when referring to MSM; anal/vaginal intercourse when referring to women and MSW.

  • CBO, community-based organisation; MSM, men who have sex with men; MSW, men who have sex only with women; STI, sexually transmitted infection.