Table 3

Level of concern, intention to undergo HIV testing and reason for choosing a street-based rapid HIV testing programme among persons being tested for the first time

MSM (N=619)MSW (N=1304)Women (N=1594)Total (N=3517)
Thoughts about undergoing an HIV test
 Was never concerned or thought about it5810.925724.931323.362821.6
 Has been thinking about it for less than 6 months16030.223723.033024.572725.0
 Has been thinking about it between 6 months and <1 year8215.512512.116312.137012.7
 Has been thinking about it between 1 and <2 years8916.817016.522716.948616.7
 Has been thinking about for 2 years or more14126.624323.531323.369724.0
If you hadn't taken the test today, would you have in the next 12 months?
 No or probably no6018.822032.435139.663133.5
 I'm not sure5717.913219.418721.137619.9
 Yes or probably yes20263.332848.234939.387946.6
 Not in questionnaire*2835066351424
Reasons for testing in this particular programme
 I knew how it worked and I came expressly to be tested17436.132836.040234.090435.1
 If I hadn't passed by here, I wouldn't have done it29561.254860.275063.4159361.8
 Not in questionnaire*114286357757
  • *For some time, this question was not available in all questionnaires. Percentages calculated on respondents.

  • MSM, men who have sex with men; MSW, men who have sex only with women.