Table 1

Parameter value estimates

VariablePoint estimate (%)Range estimate (%)Data source
POC vaginalPrimary data*
NAAT vaginal9 11 12
Chlamydia prevalence9.4Primary data*
Patients willing to wait for POC test resultPrimary data*
 40 min waiting47.538.8–56.5
 60 min waiting28.019.9–36.1
 90 min waiting15.38.8–21.7
Ct treatment received in POC strategyPrimary data*
 Among women who wait for result100
 Among women who do not wait for result93.780–100
Ct treatment received in NAAT strategy93.780–100Primary data*
Infected women requiring DIS effort in NAAT strategyPrimary data*
 Received treatment59.2
 Did not receive treatment100
Infected women requiring DIS effort in POC strategyPrimary data*
 Received treatment at index visit0
 Did not receive treatment at index visit100
Azithromycin treatment success rate974
PID among chlamydia-infected women prior to testing3.613 14
PID developing among chlamydia-infected women between testing and 2-week treatment visit2.215
PID among women with untreated chlamydia3023–4116–19
Silent PID among all PID608
Inpatient treatment of PID11.89.0–14.520 21
Chronic pelvic pain caused by PID22.916.7–29.022 23
Ectopic pregnancy caused by PID4.20.6–9.122–26
Infertility caused by PID9.78.0–11.424 26
Infertile women seeking fertility services38.522.4–44.527 28
POC test cost ($)33.4820–50Estimated
NAAT test cost ($)33.48Medicaid reimbursement rate
Clinician cost for initial visit (20 min) ($)12.1110
Gloves ($)0.0610
Drape ($)0.3010
Cleaning room ($)1.0110
Vital signs ($)1.0110
Cost of medication (1 g azithromycin) ($)1.8610
Clinician cost for treating POC+onsite (10 min) ($)6.0510
Labour cost for women who needed DIS to assist with Ct treatment (1 h) ($)9.6710
Clinician cost for follow-up visit (20 min) ($)12.1110
Cost for PID inpatient treatment9
 In-hospital cost ($)104204968–15778
 One 25 min outpatient follow-up visit ($)81.31
Cost for PID outpatient treatment9
 One 40 min initial visit ($)119.65
 One 25-min follow-up visit ($)81.31
 Ceftriaxone (250 mg) ($)23.23
 Injection administration ($)5.81
 Doxycycline (100 mg bid for 14 days) ($)3.48
Cost for infertility treatment ($)† ($)59574581–156769
Cost for ectopic pregnancy treatment ($)‡ ($)73657365–92999
Cost for chronic pelvic pain treatment ($)§10527766–195349
  • Costs are in US$ (in 2011).

  • *Results from our pilot study and/or survey results. The ranges for these values are the 95% CIs.

  • †Estimated delay of 10 years before cost realised.

  • ‡Estimated delay of 5 years before cost realised.

  • §Estimated delay of 2 years before cost realised.

  • bid, twice daily; Ct, Chlamydia trachomatis; DIS, disease intervention specialist; NAAT, nucleic acid amplification test; PID, pelvic inflammatory disease; POC, point-of-care.