Table 3

Seroadaptive and conventional risk reduction strategies (n, %) among HIV-negative men* stratified by awareness of PrEP, San Francisco, 2011

Aware of PrEP
Not aware of PrEP
n%n%p Value
Seroadaptive and other harm reduction behaviours0.418
 No sex2813.72919.0
 No anal sex62.942.6
 100% condom5928.95535.9
 Pure serosorting6732.84328.1
 Condom serosorting188.8106.5
 No strategy83.932.0
Behaviour categories†0.069
 Conventional risk reduction (no UAI)9345.68857.5
 Any seroadaptive behaviour10350.56240.5
  • *HIV serostatus based on self-reported result of most recent HIV test.

  • †Behavioural category p-value compares the frequency of behaviour categories (ie, conventional risk reduction behaviours vs seroadaptive behaviours vs no strategy) rather than specific strategies.

  • PrEP, pre-exposure HIV prophylaxis; UAI, unprotected anal intercourse.