Table 3

Summary of statistically significant correlates of HPV vaccine acceptability among MSM presented in five studies

Acceptability correlatesReference
Positive correlates
Demographic variables
 Educational attainment—having a degree33
 >$20 000 income37
Behavioural correlates
 Number of lifetime sexual partners28
 Ever diagnosed with genital warts37
 Vaccinated for hepatitis A or B37
 Identified as MSM to HCP37
 Exposed to HIV-related services in the last year (peer education)40
 Watching media reports promoting HPV vaccine40
Knowledge about HPV and HPV vaccine31, 40
 Heard of HPV37
Psychosocial correlates
 Concern about getting HPV-related disease28
 Perceived severity of HPV-related disease28, 33, 40
 Perceived likelihood of getting HPV-related disease28, 33
 Anticipated regret28
 Perceived effectiveness of HPV vaccine28
 Perceived benefits of HPV vaccination33, 40
 Attitudes towards HPV vaccine33
 Belief that doctor would recommend HPV vaccine28, 40
 Belief that peers would recommend HPV vaccine40
Negative correlates
Behavioural correlates
 Not using recreational drugs before or during sex37
 Age of first oral sex with a man31
 Unprotected anal intercourse in the last 6 months40
Psychosocial correlates
 Perceived barriers to HPV vaccination (cost, safety)33
 Belief that HPV vaccine is a sign of promiscuity40
 Not self-identified as gay37
  • HCP, healthcare providers; HPV, human papillomavirus; MSM, men who have sex with men.