Table 1

Characteristics of included studies

StudySexual-health behaviourMedia typeInteractivityAttrition (%)Target groupDuration of interventionDesign (follow-up)Results
Bilardi et al37STI testingWebsiteInteractive86Young people <24 years1 SessionCohort (6 months)No change in STI testing
Blas et al27STI testingOnline videoStatic0MSM1 SessionRCT (1–4 months)No difference in STI testing between control and intervention groups
Bowen et al31Condom useWebsiteInteractive31MSMThree 20 min sessions, across 10 daysRCT (at conclusion of intervention)Intervention group significantly more likely to use condoms
Bull et al32Condom useSocial media (Facebook)Interactive45Young people <24 years2-month exposure to Facebook campaignRCT (2 and 6 months)Intervention group significantly more likely to use condoms at 2 months, effect not present at 6 months
Carpenter et al33Condom useWebsiteInteractive3MSM1 SessionRCT (3 months)Significant increase in condom use for both control and intervention groups
Gold et al41Condom use and STI testingMobile (SMS)Static38Young people <29 years4 monthsRCT (6 months)No difference in condom use or STI testing
Gold et al42Condom use and STI testingMobile (SMS)Static67Young people <29 years6 monthsCohort (6 months)Significant increase in STI testing in intervention group; no difference for condom use
Hirshfield et al43Condom use and STI testingWebsiteStatic48MSM1 SessionRCT (3 months)Intervention groups had significant increase in condom use; no difference in STI testing
Howard et al34Condom useWebsiteStatic58Female teenagers1 SessionRCT (3–6 months)Intervention group significantly more likely to use condoms
Jones et al35Condom useSocial media (Facebook)Static0Young people <24 years18-month exposure to Facebook campaignOne off surveyParticipants reported increased condom use
Kang et al39Condom use and STI testingWebsite and emailInteractive56Young people <24 years6 monthsRCT (6 months)Significant increase in STI testing for the intervention group
Lim et al44Condom use and STI testingMobile (SMS) and emailStatic62Young people <29 years12 monthsRCT (12 months)No effect on condom use; females in intervention group significantly more likely than females in the control to have STI testing
Mevissen et al45Condom use and STI testingWebsiteInteractive33Young people <25 years1 SessionRCT (3 months)Intervention group significantly more likely to use condoms; no effect on STI testing
Rhodes et al40STI testingChat roomInteractive9MSM6 monthsCohort (6 months)Significantly higher rates of STI testing
Suffoletto et al36Condom useMobile (SMS)Interactive45Female teenagers3 monthsRCT (3 months)No significant increases in condom use
  • MSM, men who have sex with men; RCT, randomised controlled trial; STI, sexually transmitted infection.