Table 1

Members of the Royal Commission on venereal disease, 1913–1916

NameBackgroundCoalitions (if known)
Lord Sydenham of Combe*, F.R.S.Defence expert and colonial administratorSympathetic to imperial unity, eugenics; against socialists and feminist groups
Sir David Brynmor Jones, K.C., M.P.Welsh lawyer, historian, member of parliamentLiberal
Sir Kenelm E. DigbyLawyer, undersecretary for state at the Home OfficeGladstonian Liberal
Sir Almeric FitzRoyLawyer, civil servant
Sir Malcolm Morris, F.R.C.SDermatologist and public health leader
Mr. James Ernest Lane, F.R.C.SSurgeon and medical professorFreemasons
Sir John Colle, M.D.Medical examiner, member of parliament, medical malpractice expertLiberal
Dr. Arthur NewsholmeChief Medical Officer for Local Government Board, epidemiologist, health policy expert
Canon J. W. HorsleyRector of St. Peter's Church, mayor
Rev. John Scott Lidgett, D. D.Methodist minister and Vice-Chancellor of the University of LondonLiberal, leader of Progressive Party
Dr. Frederick Walker Mott, F.R.S.Psychiatrist, neurologist and sociologist
Mr. Philip Snowden, M.P.Socialist politician, Member of parliament, Chancellor of the Exchequer (1929–1931)Labour party
Mrs. Mary Scharlieb, M.D.Chief gynaecologist, midwife, forensic medicine expertAnglican, opposing contraception
Mrs. Louise CreightonWriter and social activistSupported women's groups
Mrs. BurdgwinTeacher and superintendentOpposed women's suffrage and sex education
  • *Chairman.