Table 1

Coding scheme and frequencies

Sub-codeNumber of videos (n=63)
Motivations for disclosure (not mutually exclusive)HSV is manageable25
Disclosure is consistent with values (eg, honesty, love)14
Directed/commanded without rationale12
Shouldn't have secrets4
To avoid being ‘Outed’3
No code17
Strategy and logistics of disclosure (not mutually exclusive)Direct communication37
Private place33
Indirect communication27
Considerate of partner reaction6
Recommends practicing disclosure6
Recommends staying calm2
No code4
Timing and context of disclosure (mutually exclusive) within a relationship type (indiscriminate, just sexual, dating)Emphasis on before physical intimacy13
Emphasis on as soon as diagnosed10
Emphasis on after physical intimacy4
In context of relationship, timing unclear21
As the relationship progressed6
No code9
  • HSV, herpes simplex viruses.