Table 1

Profiles of FSWs by selected background characteristics, IBBA baseline and follow-up surveys, urban Bangalore district

Round 1 (2006)Round 2 (2009)Round 3 (2011)p Value
Current age (years)
Marital Status
 Never married5.
 Currently married43.259.670.2
 Marriage dissolved51.532.126.0
Additional income
Sex work outside district in past 6 months
Sex work in the city <2 years
Duration of sex work (years)
Age at first sex (years)
Age started sex work (years)
Usual place of solicitation
 Public place78.052.534.7
Usual place of entertaining clients
 Public place3.45.15.8
Weekly client volume
Proportion of clients who are new
Partner types
 Repeat (paying)<0.01
 Occasional (paying)99.990.584.1<0.01
 Regular (non-paying)
Earnings per week from sex work (rupees)
  • FSW, female sex worker; IBBA, integrated behavioural and biological assessment.