Table 1

Characteristics of OHTN Cohort Study participants included in the analysis of chlamydia and gonorrhoea testing, 2008–2011

All participants (n=3165)MSM (n=2179)
Mean age at baseline (SD)*45.5 (10.0)46.7 (9.9)
 Male: MSM68.9%
 Male: non-MSM12.1%
Median year of HIV diagnosis (IQR)1998 (1992–2004)1996 (1991–2003)
Region of Ontario
 High school or less28.6%23.02%
 Trade school or college29.1%30.1%
 Less than $20 00039.2%34.7%
 $20 000–$59 99934.3%37.7%
 $60 000 or more17.0%21.7%
Median # months of prospective follow-up (IQR)36.0 (26.4–42.0)36 (27.6–43.2)
Median CD4 cell count/mm3 at baseline (IQR)*‡470 (330–640)480 (340–650)
Antiretroviral medication any time during follow-up92.8%93.4%
Viral load at baseline*
 Undetectable (<50 copies/mL)56.8%58.8%
 Detectable but suppressed (50–199 copies/mL)7.9%8.0%
 Unsuppressed (200+ copies/mL)34.1%32.2%
  • *Baseline was defined as the later of 1 January 2008 or the date of enrolment.

  • †Reasons for missing data among persons with unknown sex and MSM status: 0.16% missing data on sex; 2.04% males with missing data on history of sex with men.

  • ‡CD4 cell count was missing for 2.4% of participants.

  • MSM, men who have sex with men.