Table 2

Health service costs for intervention arms (two clubs per arm)

Resources usedCost itemUnit cost £*NTotal cost £*
Intervention costs
 Recruitment of clubPer club516.8821033.75
 Poster pack†Per pack53.922107.85
 Test kit†Per player5.6646260.36
 PromotionPer clubCaptain-led: 125.002Captain-led: 250.00
Health advisor-led: 225.00Health advisor-led: 450.00
Poster-only: 125.00Poster-only: 250.00
 Specimen collection box†Per club55.622111.25
 Transport of specimen collection boxPer club135.642271.28
Processing costs
 Additional storage facilities‡Per club11.63223.26
 Sample processingPer player tested10.79Captain-led: 28302.12
Health advisor-led: 31334.49
Poster-only: 31334.49
Patient admin and notification of resultsPer player tested4.71Captain-led: 28131.74
Health advisor-led: 31145.86
Poster-only: 31145.86
Total costCaptain-led: 2491.61
Health advisor-led: 2738.09
Poster-only: 2538.09
  • *Costs are UK£ (2012/2013).

  • †Includes costs for the first year of the design elements of the posters, test kit box, pens and specimen collection boxes, annuitised at 3% for 3 years.

  • ‡Includes costs for the first year of the storage facilities, annuitised at 3% for 3 years.