Table 1

Studies addressing human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine acceptability, study characteristics and risk of bias, ordered by mean vaccine acceptability (n=29)*

HPV vaccine acceptability mean†Author(s)PopulationAge (range, mean)Sexual orientation/behaviour‡ (%)Sample sizeCountryRisk of Bias
94.0Rand et al29Adolescents15–17, M=N/RN/R22USAHigh
93.6§Daley et al30; Daley et al31Adults18–70, M=27.8N/R296USAHigh
77.5Jones et al45College students18–32, M=N/RN/R138USAHigh
74.3Gottvall et al43Adolescents14–19, M=16.0N/R608SwedenHigh
74.0Gilbert et al32; Gilbert et al33; McRee et al48; Reiter et al51Adults18–59, M=N/RGay/bisexual306USAModerate
71.5¶Hernandez et al44Adults18–79, M=N/RMSM (20.0%); heterosexual (80.0%)445USAHigh
70.8Petrovic et al35Adults18–26, M=22.3N/R121AustraliaHigh
68.8Bynum et al38College studentsN/R, M=20.6Heterosexual (91.1%); Gay/bisexual/unsure (4.5%); Unknown (4.5%)575USAHigh
65.8Chelimo et al39College studentsN/R, M=19.8N/R38New ZealandHigh
65.5Gerend et al42College students18–24, M=18.8Heterosexual356USALow
64.4Thomas et al55Adults22–56, M=36.6MSM191USAHigh
62.0Daley et al30; Daley et al31College students18–22, M=N/RN/R198USAHigh
55.4Oh et al49AdultsN/R, M=53.1**N/R496South KoreaHigh
48.0Lenselink et al46College students18–25, M=19.8N/R223NetherlandsHigh
47.3Marshall et al47AdultsN/R, M=N/RN/R852AustraliaHigh
47.0Simatherai et al53Adults19–71, M=27.0**MSM (100.0%)200AustraliaHigh
45.3Crosby et al40College students18–24, M=20.2History of same-sex experience (6.1%); No same-sex experience (93.9%)148USAHigh
37.0Reiter et al9; Gilbert et al32; Gilbert et al33; McRee et al48Heterosexual men18–59, M=N/RHeterosexual297USAModerate
36.0Wheldon et al34Adults18–29, M=21.6Gay/bisexual179USAHigh
34.3††Sundstrom et al54Adults18–30, M=23**MSM, heterosexual1712SwedenHigh
33.0Ferris et al24; Ferris et al41Adults18–45, M=N/RHeterosexual (95.4%), Gay/bisexual (4.6%)571USAHigh
28.9††Young et al36Adults18–31, M=21.2N/R143PhilippinesHigh
8.2Blodt et al37Vocational students18–25, M=N/RN/R245GermanyHigh
N/RPitts et al50Adults18–54, M=34.8N/R930SingaporeHigh
N/RSauvageau et al52Adults18–69, M=44.8N/R154CanadaHigh
  • Mean acceptability 56.64 (SD 21.32; median=62.0; SEM 4.45; 95% CI 47.42 to 65.86); N=8360 (22 studies); Range: 8.2–94.0.

  • Weighted mean acceptability: 50.43 (SD 21.49).

  • *Twenty-three unique samples were included in calculation of overall mean acceptability.

  • †Acceptability on a 0–100 point scale.

  • ‡Mean acceptability across race/ethnicity.

  • §Sexual orientation or behaviour, as reported by authors.

  • ¶Mean acceptability across sexual orientation.

  • **Median.

  • ††Mean acceptability for vaccines with different costs.

  • MSM, men who have sex with men; N/R, Not reported.