Table 1

The nine data types used in web forms

Data typesExample of use
TextTo capture the email address of the auditor or a clinic name
Paragraph textFor comments about the audit, or a description of a clinic protocol
Multiple choiceRecording the gender of the patient (only one response is possible)
CheckboxesCollecting data on previous history of sexually transmitted infections or contraception (multiple responses are possible)
Choose from a listCapturing the ethnic group or sexuality of the patient (this prevents typographical errors)
ScaleTo ask questions on a sliding scale (0–10): for example, ‘Would you recommend the service to a friend?’
GridA question can be structured by columns and rows: for example, partner number and condom use
DateTo capture the date of last sexual intercourse, or the first day of the last menstrual period
TimeTo record the time between last unprotected sex and first dose of postexposure prophylaxis following sexual exposure to HIV