Table 1

Clinical presentation of 327 consultations with anorectal lymphogranuloma venereum, sexually transmitted infection outpatient clinic, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, January 2005–June 2012*

Clinical characteristicn (%)
One or more anorectal symptoms†195 (59.6%)
One or more anorectal inflammatory signs‡167 (51.1%)
One or more anorectal symptoms† AND one or more inflammatory signs‡124 (37.9%)
Neither anorectal symptoms nor signs89 (27.2%)
Anorectal mucous Gram stained smear with >10 PMNL/hpf§203 (85.3%)
  • *Consultations with concurrent anorectal gonorrhoea were excluded.

  • †Anorectal symptoms: anorectal pain, discharge, soiling, blood loss, urge and/or constipation.

  • ‡Anorectal inflammatory signs (on anoscopy): oedema, purulent discharge, mucosal fragility (bleeding on manipulation) and/or ulceration. Anoscopic data from one case are missing.

  • §PMNL/hpf: polymorphonuclear leucocytes per light microscopic high power field. Cases without symptoms or signs were excluded. Gram stained smears were performed in 238 consultations.