Table 4

Period prevalence of selected STIs and other conditions among female sex workers attending GUM clinics in England in 2011 by migrant status

UK-born FSWMigrant FSWAssociation with being a migrant female sex worker
Period prevalence (%)Diagnosed/tested* n/NPeriod prevalence (%)Diagnosed/tested* n/NOR (unadjusted)95% CIp ValueOR (adjusted†)95% CIp Value
Chlamydia‡13.5108/7998.5134/15810.590.46 to 0.79<0.0010.610.38 to 0.970.04
Gonorrhoea3.225/7922.437/15760.740.44 to to 2.700.99
Syphilis0.11/7220.12/15110.960.09 to 10.560.970.170.01 to 4.530.29
Herpes3.026/8582.135/16660.690.41 to to 1.680.32
Genital warts2.824/8582.949/16661.050.64 to 1.730.841.920.72 to 5.100.19
Hepatitis B0.11/8580.712/16666.220.81 to 47.900.08Omitted
Hepatitis C0.54/8580.12/16660.260.05 to 1.400.12Omitted
Trichomoniasis1.513/8580.59/16660.350.15 to 0.830.020.170.05 to 0.590.01
Scabies0.11/8580.12/16661.030.09 to 11.380.980.420.02 to 11.980.62
Molluscum contagiosum0.33/8580.610/16661.720.47 to 6.270.410.770.12 to 5.370.80
Bacterial vaginosis26.3226/85826.2436/16660.990.82 to 1.200.930.810.58 to 1.150.24
Candidosis13.3114/85818.9315/16661.521.21 to 1.92<0.0011.290.87 to 1.920.21
Urinary tract infection4.841/8589.3155/16662.041.43 to 2.91<0.0011.340.77 to 2.320.30
Pelvic inflammatory disease3.833/85814.3238/16664.172.87 to 6.06<0.0012.921.57 to 5.410.001
Other conditions20.5176/85819.6327/16660.950.77 to 1.160.600.830.57 to 1.190.30
Abnormal cervical cell cytology25.513/5135.395/2693.932.19 to 7.06<0.0011.190.52 to 2.730.69
  • Significant differences (p Value <0.05) highlighted in bold.

  • *For chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV, N=women with a recorded test for the STI of interest; for abnormal cell cytology, N=women with a recorded smear test; and for all other STIs/conditions without a SHAPPT code for the relevant diagnostic test/investigation, N=all women.

  • †Adjusting for age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, location (inner London, outer London or outside London), deprivation of postcode of residence and chlamydia and/or gonorrhoea diagnosis.

  • ‡Code suffixes to identify oral or rectal chlamydia infections were introduced to GUMCAD in 2011. However, as the use of these suffixes was not consistent across all clinics in 2011, the data presented here includes all chlamydia infections. In future, it will be possible to provide information on the site of infection.

  • §New HIV diagnoses in 2011.

  • FSW, female sex worker: GUM, genitourinary medicine; GUMCAD, Genitourinary Medicine Clinic Activity Dataset; STI, sexually transmitted infection.