Table 1

Summary of variables analysed

 Non-repeatersRepeaters’Univariate logistic regressionFisher's exact test
1st episode1st episode versus non-repeatersp Value
n=1215Per centn=62Per centOR1.0CIp Value
 Mean (SD)38.2 (8.4)38.8 (9.2)
HIV status
Seen in a clinic in London
Presentation year
No other STIs
 Unknown 685.646.5N/A
 Unknown 675.546.5N/A
Hepatitis C (PCR)
Hepatitis C (Ab)
 None reported756.200.0N/A
 Reported protected/=protection unknown22518.5914.51.0
 None reported1099.046.5N/A
 Reported protected/protection unknown20416.8914.51.0
Any oral sex
 None reported988.111.6N/A0.199*
 Reported some†645.323.2
 Both receptive and insertive, unprotected86971.55182.3
 Some or all unknown18415.1812.9
Any fisting
 None reported48539.92641.9N/A0.639*
 Reported some†544.434.8
 Both receptive and insertive, unprotected645.358.1
 Some or all unknown61250.42845.2
Sharing sex toys
  • Comparisons are between repeaters' first episode and non-repeaters.

  • N/A, not applicable (parameter estimate not presented due to low number of events in the cell).

  • *One-sided p value for Fisher's exact test (for tables larger than 2-by-2), cut-off value for statistical significance in this case 0.025.

  • †Reported some: reported either insertive or receptive (protected, unprotected or protection unknown), but did not report both unprotected.

  • IAI, insertive anal intercourse; RAI, receptive anal intercourse.